Optimise airspace & supporting services in minutes, not hours.

Manage airspace as easily as booking a meeting room.

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Whether teams are co-located, distributed, or fully remote, TAMS® provides an intuitive experience for real-time collaboration. Forward plan weeks in advance down to day of operations. Say goodbye to managing spreadsheets, endless emails and phone calls – TAMS® makes airspace booking a breeze. 

Forward Plan

Schedule and optimise airspace, assign support services.


ADS-B integration and airspace visualisation for day of operations situational awareness.


Paperless workflows & real-time communication across locations.

FlightPRO® Integration

Combine the benefits of FlightPRO® scheduling, currencies and qualifications management with TAMS® airspace and support services scheduling – for situational…

Coordinate multiple airspaces

TAMS® connects all stakeholders for seamless joint operational planning. Collaborative decision making between distributed before progressing to operations….

A single dashboard

TAMS® will combine multiple sources of data (like ADSB, Notams, Weather & FlightPRO®). Configure the data and information into a single dashboard.

Improved situational awareness

Real-time collaboration


Airspace deconfliction

Modern visualisation

Enhanced safety & accountability

Trusted by Defence

Australian Air Force

Qatar Armed Forces

Spanish Air Force

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