FlightPRO® 8.6 Overview

FlightPRO® release 8.6 is the Q3 release for 2020. It includes Editable workflows, Event outcome access in FlightPRO® web. Asset Clocks now default values in Event Profile, and we’ve also completed a raft of other improvements. Watch the video to learn more, or read on:

Event Outcomes in FlightPRO® Web

The existing Event Outcomes functionality can now be accessed from FlightPRO® Web Calendar both from the Calendar and List tab, by clicking on an event and selecting the menu from the popup. A new security object has been added to the system that users need to have to access to this menu item. This new function will now allow users to complete the Post Event Outcome process entirely using the Web interface.

Editable Workflows in FlightPRO® Web

All workflows assigned to a person, or a role the person holds, can be accessed through the Web>Summary screen. Strip anchored Workflows can be accessed through Calendar>Event Profile Student Result Workflows can be accessed through the Web>Student Results>Workflow Tab. Multi-Currency Approval header workflows are not supported at this time. Workflows can now be added, edited, deleted, completed in Web. This includes audit history for Mission Authorisation workflows, document attachment, and Currency revalidation for Currency workflows. Note: The Workflow screen will open in a new browser tab.

Event Outcome Maintenance Clock

A default value will now be entered for the Pre-Flight time within Event Outcomes > Maintenance Clocks for Count Up and Count Down clocks if a single Strip or a Formation Group is selected.

This default is the same Pre-Flight value that is calculated within Mission Profile > Outcome > Maintenance tab; based on the post-flight clock value of the previous Strip, or the current Asset clock value where no record exists for the clock for that Strip.

For more detailed technical information about this release, existing FlightPRO® customers can visit Ocean’s Support site.